Thursday, 21 August 2008

The devil's in the detail

The title of today's prosaic meanderings came to me as a result of a meeting. This was, however, no ordinary meeting. As any self respecting new business ( and some older ones ) will know all too well, you will not get to see the CEO of the company you are pitching too. Certainly not on the first tryst. Unless you're fortunate enough to have met them at a "networking opportunity". Now I know that term conjures up images up lukewarm bacon sandwiches in Godawful hotels (c) Robert Craven or even "coffee, a piss and fag" as one less than effective radio manager puts it. Not so at the Enterprise Club at the University of Northampton. David Thomson, CEO of Best Deal Insurance had just given a presentation titled "Close that Sale". No suprise then that half the room wanted to combine a handshake with their business card a la Alan Partridge. Happily, I didn't give a paper cut to anyone from Nestle or any other confectioners. What did happen was a fortuitous and cordial chat with David, a self made businessman who embodies drive and a "can do" spirit. One conversation with him is like sipping on neat adrenaline. So meet we did in the impressive Best Deal HQ and pick over the power of podcasting. I was even made a cup of tea. By the CEO. Why shouldn't you go straight to the top? What's stopping you? You've got the organisation where the decision making and purse strings lie. For the best deals in insurance, I've no doubt it's Best Deal Insurance. For smart, compelling and professional podcasting, it's